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Solution for Political Parties

Technology helps politicians woo constituents hearts, minds and votes

A political party in the Asia Pacific region wanted to use technology to create systems and processes of interacting with their voters in their constituency.


The IT team of the party identified CiviCRM as a possible solution but felt it needed major customization for it to be used by their colleagues. They approached Web Access to develop a system that was easy to manage, update and interact with both from the admin perspective and more importantly from the perspective of the politicians who were the primary users of the system.


The country in question provides registered parties with voter data digitally on a monthly basis. The solution we developed imported all of the data into the system. Now on a monthly basis, the system is updated with a list of the new constituents and flags the constituents who have moved with their new data. This data has been mapped to the data of the registered party workers and updated by the party offices.

There is an elaborate access control list and each elected member has access only to his constituents with the federal elected members having access to all of the state constituencies that form part of the federal constituencies. That way, except for the party headquarters, all others only have access to their relevant voter data. They use this in several interesting and innovative ways. Some examples will illustrate this use.

Targeted mailers are sent on an ongoing basis with the work that is being done. These are different for party workers who are interested in party activities and for normal constituents who are interested in the various projects in their areas. In addition, since all of the data is tagged area wise, some members have constituted communication at local levels. All new constituents get a welcome note from their MP. People who have issues can call up the offices, send a mail, or raise an issue online. These are tracked and the complainant can track the progress of the same. The MP can also track the summary as well as specific issues that are pending or have not been sorted out.

The system has given the party a major advantage as they are able to be in constant communication with their voters and address voter concerns with virtually no time lag.

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