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Why a leading school in New York loves CiviCRM?

CiviSchool is a CiviCRM extension that extends and adapts CiviCRM in the school environment. It’s an extremely useful extension that fulfills missing school related functionality in CiviCRM.


Unfortunately, in its current form, CiviSchool is not generic enough to be adapted by schools to fit into their workflow and be implemented without modifying their own processes.

A leading school in New York wanted to improve CiviSchool to meet their needs. In addition to their forward thinking in terms of education, they were also keen to extend technology to simplify life for the parents of their current and potential students.

They evaluated several options and zoomed in to CiviSchool. While it seemed to be in the right direction, it did not match their needs. That is when they approached us and this marked the beginning of what turned out to be an exciting journey.


The challenge was to create a system extremely simple for the users.

The cardinal rule of development is: Development difficulty is inversely proportional to user simplicity.

In addition, being a nonprofit center for learning, the budgets were tight. This posed a huge challenge for the team.

Today the system is online, working well and has managed to meet the high expectations of the school. Best of all, it has now made a system available to schools virtually for free. Something all schools love.

Some of the key workflow and features are given below.

Parent account setup: A parent goes to the school site and uses a CiviCRM registration profile to create an account and enters the site.

Filling admission application forms: From the dashboard, parent fills admission application form. Parent can apply for one or more applicants.

Submitting a payment: Depending on whether financial aid is taken or not, parent submits payment for an applicant. The payment is done via contribution page and there is track of which applicant the payment is being paid for.

Scheduling appointments: Once the application is complete and payment made, if needed, parent can schedule a child visit or a parent interview.

Shown below is the admission flow being used by the school.


Download Case Study: