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Solution for Local Political Party

Website and constituent management system for a local political party

Our client is a local affiliate of the broader state and national republican party in the United States. They required a new website that was more visually appealing and functioned not only as a way to communicate their party platform, but as a tool for the community at large to take political action. Aside from the web presence and CiviCRM implementation, the client wanted to create a functionality that would allow users to send letters to their local representatives and press editors through the website.


Our client’s existing website was outdated and served only as a static informational site for Republicans in the community. Their existing site did not have any sort of constituent management or easy donation functionality and lacked appeal to a broader audience outside of party loyalists.


Web Access redesigned and rebuilt the front facing website in Drupal and CiviCRM and achieved the following:

  • Easy administration to manage local, state and national news items
  • Online donation and event management
  • Constituent communication through email and SMS
  • Users can directly communicate with politicians and press contacts through site.

By providing a community the means to communicate with local politicians or to post editorials to local media the client is providing a useful tool that can be used by the party as a means of gathering information on it’s users and providing another opportunity for the general public to opt‐in furthering their outreach.

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