Solution for Unique Learning Management

An online knowledge repository for learners, teachers, mentors and life coaches to conduct formal and informal courses in various streams

Our client, an infrastructure and financial services company has taken up social infrastructure initiative in education to develop education infrastructure in India. They promote education, employability, and empowerment and are experts in the fields of education, skill development, industrial cluster development, health initiatives, e-governance and financial inclusion.


Our client wanted to create an interactive learning solution for schools, which will provide a teaching-learning platform for the students and teachers. They wanted to create a technology platform that will be a learning management system, a content management system, a library of books, video, audio, image, music and other text based content.

While designing the solution, we had to keep in mind the following:
  • Teachers do not want complicated technologies to overwhelm them.
  • While readymade content is welcome, teachers want to create lessons in their own style.
  • Teachers want to stay in tune with students who have access to new age technologies.
  • Focus on the concept of immersive learning, which means that the application should allow the children to interact with it and learn new ways of understanding a difficult concept.

This was a unique opportunity for us to create a world class never before learning tool. The tool was visualised as one that will enable content creation, content upload, lesson plan creation and content display based on the lesson plans. The application would allow interactive sessions between the teacher and students, among the students and will enable students to develop creative projects online. The tool shall allow searching the internet and content filtering for relevant learning content. It was visualised to focus on traditional methodologies of learning delivered through futuristic technologies focussing on the learning outcomes.

The unique learning management system thus visualised is made up of three components.

LMS and CMS: It is an advanced learning management system that includes multimedia, library, book library and comprehensive learning objects. It also functions as a content management system. The application provides a simple to use interface for teachers and students.

Content creator: Teacher being the center of all knowledge imparted in the classroom, the content creator provides her with the necessary resources to customize her lesson to suit the needs of the classroom. To this effect, the creator offers thousands of images, lesson scripts, videos and a simple to use video editor, which the teacher can add to her self-developed lesson presentation.

Creative tool: The creative tool allows students to create their own books. They can draw or write anything using different brush and styles, drag, resize, modify images, and the creative can then be published in a virtual book format.

The interactive learning system we developed is currently being used by over 200,000 teachers in 8000 government and private schools across the country.

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