Solution for Work Compliance

A planning and reporting tool, compliant with the ILO convention, for checking the work/rest hours compliance of the seafarers

The ILO convention number 180 concerning seafarers' hours of work and the manning of ships, adopted on 22 October, 1996 at the general conference of ILO, stipulates the seafarers’ hours of work and manning of ships. These conditions apply to every seagoing ship engaged in maritime commercial operations.


Our client, a large ship management company, provides seaborne transportation services for crude oil and petroleum products in the international shipping markets. They were facing tremendous problems in planning, implementing and monitoring the crew rest hours. The problem was more pronounced due to the fact that the hours had to be calculated with the continuously changing time zones in the ships on sail. Manually planning and logging of hours was quite troublesome for the shipmasters.

The client, therefore, wanted a solution that will apply the ILO as well as the STCW rules, allow planning, implementation of rest hours and its monitoring. The system should be capable of generating reports based on both the set of rules for the entire crew of the ship. All cases of default should be highlighted with reasons and timings. The records generated should be auditable and the system should be able to communicate the rest hours data to the ship base on daily basis.


Our talented pool of technology experts delivered a solution to plan and monitor the rest hours based on the ILO convention as well as the international convention on standards of training, certification and watch-keeping for seafarers, STCW.

The rest hours monitoring and planning system, RHMPS, was developed to provide the following facilities.
  • Serve as a planning tool for rest hours compliance and keep a check on the compliance of an employees work/rest schedule within a set of pre-defined set of rules.
  • Maintain a record of compliance.
  • Provide means to analyse the routine as well as special situations.
  • Powerful report generator for attendance and rest hour records based on complicated set of rules.

The system is not just one time coding of international rules but facilitates easy change of rules as they are amended from time to time. The system generates warning messages on non-compliances as soon as an employee’s schedule goes beyond the set of pre-defined rules.

Today this RHMP solution has been implemented in over 100 ships across the oceans.

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