Training Solution for Travel Company

Integrated on-line training solution that provides certification and improves productivity

The client is one of the world’s globally active leading leisure travel organizations. The client is active across multiple travel segments to include leisure travel, business travel, destination management services, and education.


The company employs over 3,500 travel professionals and recognizes the need for training their travel staff on all the travel segments on a continuous basis. Training had become very critical especially due to the continuous on-going addition of new staff members and constant update of tour information. It was not feasible to train employees by a trainer. Training standards also differed based on trainer’s skills and ability to train. Hence, they approached us to develop a training solution as per their needs.


Web Access along with the client, recognizing the importance of technology, have implemented a state-of-the-art online training and certification system, OTCS, using Moodle LMS.

The main features are outlined below.
  • Administrator user can categorize and customize tours
  • The trainee travel staff user has access and can study the content based on the customized holiday tour.
  • The trainee travel staff user can take practice tests on the customized tour as many times as required and check his/her assimilation of the content.

Our solution enabled the client to update information at one place for all tours, train the travel staff on planned as well as customized tours, provide certification testing and manage content, thereby improving productivity and giving the company a strong competitive edge.

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