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EPF - Training made Easy

Training is a universal phenomenon and there are several challenges faced. One of the primary challenges faced in mass training is maintaining the quality as well as the consistency of the training material. Traditionally, Power Point presentations are created. These are then distributed to the trainers, who are typically located across a large geographical area. And as and when changes take place, and in most cases this happens as often as several times a month, these are communicated by mail, and the trainer is expected to make the changes. Read more about EPF - Training made Easy

KISS – Keep It Simple Software

Most of us feel like total idiots when we use standard software. Using high end software makes us feel like morons. Until we get used to it. Feeling like morons, that is. But, just a minute. If I can’t use a television or the fridge, the designer is the idiot. If I can’t use software, I’m the idiot. And this is true whether the software is in the mobile, or the PC or the VCR. The truth is, the idiot is the software designer. People like me, and for that I apologize. We have gotten used to people accepting what they get and hence have not been pushed enough to design better software. Read more about KISS – Keep It Simple Software

The Birth of a Product

Most births are planned, or so the parents would have us believe, but we all know that most births are accidents. And this is probably true for all things, including software products. One of my favorite products, ScreenPen was born in a very normal fashion. By pure accident. And for the record, all of WA's products are one of my favorite products. Read more about The Birth of a Product

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