Business Analytics

Solution for Loan Analytics

Our client is a credit information company playing a critical role in India’s financial system. They collect and maintain records of an individual‘s payments pertaining to loans and credit cards. This information is then used to create credit information reports and credit scores, which are provided to lenders in order to help evaluate and approve loan applications. The credit score and credit information report not only help loan providers identify consumers who are likely to be able to pay back their loans, but also enables them to do this more quickly and economically. Read more about Solution for Loan Analytics

Solution for Data Extraction and Transformation

Our client is a leading provider of analytical software and advisory services to whole loan and structured finance investors. Their analytic solution uses highly scalable cash flow and risk modelling to conduct visible and controlled investment analysis. Our client’s pricing solutions are an independent, transparent and systematic means to price, hold and manage risk of MBS and ABS and they bring expert knowledge to efforts managing mortgage data and analytics, vendor scoring, model risk and operational controls. Read more about Solution for Data Extraction and Transformation

Solution for Data Parsing

Our client provides on demand web based data, analytics, risk management and trade management services spanning all fixed income products. The client has built a robust analytics and risk management platform designed for structured financial market. The client’s data service collects remittance and loan level data for thousands of deals. Utilizing our client’s server farm, several of the top CDO Managers run loan level analysis of complex ABS and CDO structures. Read more about Solution for Data Parsing

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