Complete Website Solution

From simple HTML to Drupal based open source efficient solution

The client is an exclusive operation, logistics and transportation provider for the parent food company. Although incorporated as a marine services organization, the technical management staff has been responsible for the fleet’s operation. The fleet of vessels consists of conventional refrigerated pallet and refrigerated container vessels; the largest such dedicated refrigerated containerized fleet in the world.


The client came to us for their website development requirements. They needed a fast and cost effective solution. In addition to the website, they wanted the following features.

  • Access control
    • Admin should be able to control access for individual users.
    • Admin should be able to post and remove content posted in restricted areas.
    • Ability to download, open and view, copy, save and print protected PDF files.
  • Content management
    • Specific users can update/manage website contents.
    • Ability for the administrator to upload bulletins and releases in real time.
    • Ability to enable/disable time specific content.
  • Online PDF application form

After going through their requirements, we decided that Drupal would be a good match. We created various roles and users as per client requirement. Once basic permissions were set, user was able to access pages and features as per their role.

Applications were to be submitted in the PDF format. This requires the use of PDF writing software and most users would not be able to submit this requirement. It was proposed to make use of a web based application form and convert the same to PDF at the backend. So now, once user submits the form it is formatted and converted to PDF document that is transparent to the end user and emailed to the pre-configured address.

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