Training and Feedback

Solution for Interactive Learning

Our client wanted to set up an online network of learners and trainers. The portal visualized connecting the community of professionals to share knowledge thereby providing opportunities to give and learn on a single platform. The portal was envisaged to have an ever-expanding knowledge repository. The teachers, professionals and mentors who registered with the portal, would contribute to the repository. Learners and mentees would be able to share this knowledge and learn. Read more about Solution for Interactive Learning

Solution for Online Exam

Our client is a temenos-certified services partner that provides banking implementation solutions to the global financial services industry. They serve high-performance technology needs of all market participants, including institutional investors, professional traders, brokerage firms, exchanges, and regulatory agencies. They offer a comprehensive front-to-back trading solution on the market, putting investors and traders on a level playing field with the world's top-tier high frequency trading firms. Read more about Solution for Online Exam

Solution for Survey

The institutional research department of our client, a technology university in New Jersey, United States of America, conducts student and alumni surveys to obtain their feedback on expectations and experiences of their term with the university, about various courses, events, workshops, research and after university life experiences. The purpose of all these surveys was to improve the courses, better conduct of events, things that the alumni found most useful in their profession. Read more about Solution for Survey

Solution for Unique Learning Management

Our client, an infrastructure and financial services company has taken up social infrastructure initiative in education to develop education infrastructure in India. They promote education, employability, and empowerment and are experts in the fields of education, skill development, industrial cluster development, health initiatives, e-governance and financial inclusion. Read more about Solution for Unique Learning Management

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