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Solution for Local Political Party

Our client is a local affiliate of the broader state and national republican party in the United States. They required a new website that was more visually appealing and functioned not only as a way to communicate their party platform, but as a tool for the community at large to take political action. Aside from the web presence and CiviCRM implementation, the client wanted to create a functionality that would allow users to send letters to their local representatives and press editors through the website. Read more about Solution for Local Political Party

Scholarship Management Solution

Our client is a non-profit program that links bright, motivated low-income students with educational and scholarship opportunities at some of the nation's best colleges. It is the provider of the National College Match Program and the College Prep Scholarship. Read more about Scholarship Management Solution

Solution for Political Parties

A political party in the Asia Pacific region wanted to use technology to create systems and processes of interacting with their voters in their constituency. Read more about Solution for Political Parties

Solution for School

CiviSchool is a CiviCRM extension that extends and adapts CiviCRM in the school environment. It’s an extremely useful extension that fulfills missing school related functionality in CiviCRM. Read more about Solution for School

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